Skin Care

Oxygen Aromatherapy Moisturizing Skin Care


Oxygen Bringtening/Whitening Sensitive Skin Care
90mins $68/time
90mins $58/time

Suitable for sun damage ,fine lines,dry skin and also external oily skin but internally dehydrated skin.
We push hydrating serum and oxygen deeper into the skin, which rapidly hydrates and improves your skin condition and leaves your skin with good elasticity and texture also it brightens your skin.

RF (Radio High Frequency)


Stimulate the secretion of more new collagen to fill the void of atrophy and loss of collagen and rearranged, rebuild skin soft, and finally achieve the skin to tighten to enhance skin, improve wrinkles, restores skin elasticity with glossy effects.



MYTH-GOLD luxury facial treatment

(including eye, neck care)

90 minutes $168/time

Suitable for pigmentation skin and poor skin texture with a lack of glow also suitable for wrinkle skin, this treatment will also increase your blood circulation.
24K gold pre-haart antioxidizing element Q10, hamamelis etc, cooperate with active oxygen to make Myth-Gold the nutrient instantly penetrates into the water which help fade melanin, Stimulate human body itself secrete collagen regeneration. Make the skin sends out natural burnish.


DARPHIN Lifting / Dark circle / Puffy eye treatment
Ultra sound wave eye care
30 minutes $30/time

(add to facial treatment $23 )


Myth-Gold eye care

(add to facial treatment $38)

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