Body Care

Aromatherapy body relax massage/ Lymph
drainage massage

60 minutes $60/time


LUXURY Full Body Scrub/SPA Treatment

180 mins $128/time

Liquid Soap with small beads in it is distributed through your entire body which cleans, removes dirt and dead skin of your skin to make it smooth,vibrant and hydrating this treatment is very relaxing.



New Machine


* Hair removal                * Skin rejuvenation
* Vascular lesions         * Freckle taking
* Acne treatment


Treatment theory

Vacuum E-light adopts OPT technology, vacuum technology, and selective Photothermy theory for skin rejuvenation and hair removal. OPT to step a new century with highly efficient, painless and safe for treatment.


EPL (EPL + OPT) Hair reduction

Whole Face $180/time      


EPL (EPL + OPT) Skin rejuvenation

Full face $500/time         

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